For almost a decade I have dedicated my life to developing my skills as a Hair and Makeup Artist, Photographer and now as a Cosmetic Formulator.
As a part time Makeup Teacher at TAFE NSW, I've found a new passion of educating about products, techniques and what we perceive as beautiful.
The artist in me wants to do more than just makeup. I want to test the limits of my creativity, beauty products and society's beauty ideals.

Practicing body painting as a student

Where did it all begin?
My first memory of makeup is shopping with my Mum and Nan as they prepared for a job interview for my Mum. I grew up on a farm near Taree and no one I knew wore makeup regularly.
I watched as they fussed over what to buy and became mesmerised over what a little Maybeline mascara and Lipstick could do. I saw my Mum change not just physically but in her confidence as well.

On set of the short film "Disarmed"

A Beauty Nerd
As a self-confessed nerd, I've always been obsessed with the technical details. I can't simply do a beautiful makeup, I have to know why it was beautiful. While assisting Rae Morris, she introduced me to what she called "Eye Phi" and my whole world opened up.
This introduced me to the science of beauty that I use in everything I do.

Myself with Lei Tai, Sarah Tammer and Lucy Jackson on a job for Virgin Voyages

Everlasting Education
I am a huge believer in continuing to grow and educate yourself. I've always learnt the most by assisting the experts themselves like Rae Morris, Sarah Tammer, Mandi Levanah, Becca Gilmartin and so many more.
I also believe in being a Jack of all trades (pun intended) and I couldn't help but complete a Diploma of Personal Care Formulation, just to better understand the products I use every day. This has given me an incredible insight into skincare, makeup, haircare and how to get the most from them.
Chanel Beauty
Chanel Beauty
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